Phase One

Step 1


Our initial introduction, whether via email, over the phone or a face to face meet. This is where we set out to understand your “business” requirements, define the goals, purpose and identity of the website, decide on content layout and formats i.e. dynamic or static and most importantly discuss options for attracting visitors to the site after the deploy.

Step 2

Project Scope

Satisfied with the knowledge of what is required, a draft proposal for the project will be created and submitted outlining the scope of the work so that we both have a clear understanding of the project expectations, pricing, time frames and deliverable’s.

Phase TWO


Step 6


With your website published we provide “go live” support and maintenance which will include minor changes and site backups.

The “go live” support and maintenance will last for the selected length of time which is decided during the scope step to suit the project. After the “go live” period if support contract option is chosen it will be activated.